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Festival bird's eye view

The days of endless walkie traffic and manual tours are over. Keeping control of your event can be much simpler, more effective and above all: safer. By digitizing the site and the assets, you get a complete overview of the event site. InSites intelligent data platform with its visual dashboards can be used directly as a control centre for the entire site and all its constructions.

The Powershop

The Powershop is one of the best and most reliable providers for electricity for events and festivals in Europe. As this is what they do best, it is exactly what they did for TML19. We implemented a number of different sensors in our cloud portal to support The Powershop with a complete digital site management platform.

  • A measurement solution to monitor the powerplants, distribution boards and fixed voltage at the festival and at DreamVille, the campsite.

  • Temperature monitoring of all refrigerated structures

  • Wind meters for the Event Control Centre and wind calculations for Motion Mainstage.

MTD pure water

As one of the largest global organizations in temporary water infrastructures and water treatment, MTD supplied the water network for Tomorrowland. With more than 50km in water pipes, total control and real-time monitoring were indispensable.

  • A digital NOC to gain valuable insights concerning peak flow and water usage, as well as a real-time control center

  • Monitoring of water meters and temperature sensors

  • Water quality control and monitoring

Beer Monitoring

A world-leading brewer is a long-term trusted partner of the festival in Boom. To streamline their logistic operations, this partner turned to Insites monitoring system.

  • Monitoring of the contents of their pressurized container and the amount of tap beer that has been drafted

  • Real-time temperature control for the beer carrier and dispensing systems

Van Overbeek Sanitair

As a major global player in mobile sanitary solutions, Van Overbeek provided the water-flushed toilets at the festival and the DreamVille campsite.

  • Monitoring of the sanitary vacuum pumps

  • Locating and alerting disruptions in real-time for immediate action

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