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Pukkelpop 2019

Administrative Digitization

The organization was able to load the digital floor plans into the platform and supplement them with administrative data from the site itself such as:

  • Building books

  • Test certificates

  • Stage information such as artists, opening hours,..

  • Security posts and the underlying documents

It allowed the organization to easily and digitally share this information with employees, partners and third parties who need to be informed with the correct information and latest updates.

Wind Analysis

A combination of different sensors and scripts made it possible to analyse the wind in the broader environment. InSite also monitored the wind-load on the constructions at Pukkelpop. The importance of the last is not to be underestimated, given the combination of 66.000 visitors a day and high structures in open areas.

The team of weather experts was offered additional tools in the form of weather stations on-site as well as the visual respresentation of wind-loads on all structures at the event. Those responsible on-site are personally alerted with the required actions to be taken in case of specific calamities.

360° Panoramics

When a temporary city is built, this is obviously not visible on Google maps or street view. With the 360 Panoramics concept we drive around  and take 360 photos that automatically end up on the digital floor plans via GPS-position.


This visual information ensures great efficiency in as-built analyses or as a visual aid for volunteers for whom the terrain is still unknown.

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