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Control Center

Monitor your/partner assets, set alerts, schedule automatic service tickets and even remote actions.

Wind alerts, switch light sources, geofence alerts, temperature warnings, ...

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Multi-User Platform

Share selected information or site plans and collaborate with different users.


Suppliers, vendors, partners, freelancers, stewards, security, inspection, ...

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Hardware Solutions

We have a wide array of highly integratable hardware/sensor solutions to rent or custom built.

Water, wind, power, temperature, weather, flow meters, geotrackers, sound, ...

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Insights & Analytics

An ideal tool for evaluation. Optimize processes leading to efficiency gains and ecological use of energy sources.

Water usage per visitor, overall energy consumption versus weather conditions, dimensioning of energy sources, monitoring carbon footprint, ...

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Site Management

Manage and control your entire site with geolocated assets, utilities. All accessible in one platform.

Siteplan versioning, auto positioning of geolocated sensors on your siteplan, pin documents, 360° pictures etc.



Safety & Coordination

Environment management




Indoor climate control

Digital Control Center

Remote control of assets​

Automatic service ticketing

Quality of Evaluation

Reporting Insights 

Optimize Utilities & Logistics

Construction efficiency

Site Management

Multi-user Administration

Shareable Site Plans

360° Photos 



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- Administrative Digitization

- Wind Analysis

- 360° Panoramics


Festival Bird's eye view

- The Powershop

- MTD Pure Water

- Beer Monitoring

- Van Overbeek Sanitair

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Graspop Metal Meeting

- Security position overview

- Beer monitoring 

- MTD Pure Water

- Siteplan management

- Geotracking artist shuttles

- 360° Panoramics

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Tomorrowland Winter

Tomorrowland Winter has a challenging location in the French Alps. This is a unique experience, not only for the visitors but for the logistics organization it is a real challenge to match the expected result of the original concept. 



Insite.Events was founded in 2017 by the monitoring company Calculus. We developed the platform specifically for event organizers, producers and logistical partners. The founders all have an extensive background and experience in the sector of events and festivals. That's how we noticed the growing need for a central hub in which all information about the event, the site, assets and utilities can be stored and most importantly shared with the right partner, at the right time. That's why we created this highly integratable platform in which all your event information is visually and clearly displayed.

Contact us for a detailed presentation to discover the unlimited possibilities in data and asset visualisation.

The future in event production is already here.



Kempenseweg 12

3690 Zutendaal


+32 89 69 69 83

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