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By connecting digital watermeters to the waterpipes, the general sanitary facilities and the detailed showers, toilets and sinks, we were able to assist in revealing the entire DramVille waternetwork. Combining this information with other data from visitors, u unique project was born: WaterVille.

The Results

Coupling RFID data to the water usage in the showers, we concluded the average water usage per person is 35L per day. On a hot day this is even 10% more. Besides this there is also a usage of 50L per person outside of the festival, because of the rinsing of pipes and buffers. This number used to be higher, but thanks to adjustments in the rinsing sequentions we were able to drasticly reduce the amount of water.

​Analytics showed the usage of a 50.000L water buffer to be redundant. The eliminiation of the buffer resulted in a reduction in rental costs of more than €6000.

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